All available Manpower resources are generated by all means, using tools of mass communication and professional human relations.

Staffing Assistance

To facilitate processing procedures of our selections and documentation our company is equipped both by genuinely capable technical and professional human relations.

Embassy Assistance

For having been in the business for a quite a long time, our rapport for giving better service to our clients has been given due credit by Foreign Embassies personnel’s from the rank-in-file to the consulates respectively.

Human Relation

Our company provide personalized human relation to our clients by attending to their needs while in here may it be cultural curiosity or related interest plus their keen interest in trading of our local products.

Pre-departure Orientation

In our effort to minimized unnecessary tragedies among our workers, our company is indispensably provide spontaneous orientation seminar as a guidance to their conduct and awareness of cultural, social norms, laws and environment of their host countries.

Employee/Employer Assitance

KAYA MANAGEMENT & SERVICES OY shall look over the welfare of the deployed workers as well monitor employer-employee relationship to avoid any labor dispute ultimately to develop and achieve harmonious relationship.